the signifies of Tiffany


the signifies of Tiffany

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The love-hate relationship with the way people look had been continuing from the past and it is not a new phenomenon.ghd styler , What is new is the innovations in technology that make the job of beautifying or changing the original look of the same.ghd hair , Very few people are happy with they possess or do not want to undergo any change in their appearance but maximum people all over the planet like to adorn themselves at the most to bag warm comments from the onlookers that encourages them to keep themselves the same way or go one step ahead. There are many out there among the readers who will surely agree with me with the fact many of us don't want or are not happy with what we are born with and wish to have something else. For instance take the case of hair- some women having curly hair will go for straightening and those having straight hair will opt for anything for a natural wave. And surprisingly such needs leads to innovation of new products to accomplish the same task with ease.

It is surprising to learn and it would seem probably unbelievable for your ears that about one hundred years ago that is long time back when technology was not so advanced at that time ladies went through extreme lengths to keep their hair straight and few desperate one also literally tried to iron their hair - with a domestic iron!

Earlier it was not so easy task to achieve the 'frizz to sleek' look for hairs in a matter of seconds many a head of hair, and scalp, were ruined by some of the early methods.

You will find evidences that suggest that the process of hair straightening is not a new concept but the revival of the same old process with new and advanced technology that style your hair without damaging it. The first Straightening Comb invented by Marcel Grateau in 1872 started using heated rods to straighten or style hair and caused less damage kick started the series of invention that followed with the invention of Hair-Dryer in 1880 by French hairdresser Alexandre Godefroy, Hair Curling Machine in 1905 by German hairdresser Charles Nessler, Hair Straightener in 1906 by Simon E and Advanced Hair Straighteners in 1909 by Issac K. Shero which were composed of two flat irons that were heated and pressed together.

Modernization did not stop just to achieve the best result that also assure safety and so the use of different metals and materials are still being tried and tested for straighteners and curling tongs alike. And the result is that ?aluminium that was used earlier has now been replaced with ceramic and tourmaline by the manufacturers both of which give great results and does not damage your hair.


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