Highlighter Printed Pens


Highlighter Printed Pens

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Have you ever heard the saying eedle in a haystack? If that needle was brightly colored or could stand out, you be able to find it quickly.montblanc , Your promotional printed pen needs to stand out, otherwise your potential customers will see your pen as just another cheap gimmick.plumas mont blanc , When considering the thousands of printed promotional pen choices you have, make sure you stand out ?otherwise you might as well stand down.canetas mont blanc ,

Highlighter Printed Pens
One way to make something stand out is to color it with a highlighter pen. Choose a printed highlighter pen and you'll automatically stand out from all the other stick pens given out at a convention. With shorter uses, the life of a highlighter far outlasts that of a ballpoint pen. Longer life equates to longer impression per pen.

Stick ballpoint pens are the least expensive printed pen type, costing as little as ?.08 a piece and highlighters a bit more, starting at ?.32 each, but the impression may last three, four or even five times longer. What's more, a highlighter printed pen is far less likely to be thrown away upon exiting the convention than an eight pence pen.

Depending on where you go for your highlighter printed pens, your choices range from the boring, single color highlighters to much more interesting tri-color, triangular or high quality liquid ink highlighters. There are also two piece highlighter printed pen sets, if you're willing to pay a bit more - ?.20 each.

Quality Counts
For those rare occasions that money is no object, you may want to reward your customers, clients, vendors or staff with a top-quality printed pen by Quill. These pens come with a lifetime guarantee and are well weighted for writing comfort. Starting at ?.49 each, these printed pens include full color imprinting on the barrel and slanted top. With a smaller minimum order, your budget won't bust by the typical 250+ minimum most other printed pens carry.

Prodir printed pens are less expensive and sans lifetime guarantee but are a step above the standard stick pen. Starting at ?.48 a piece, these can be printed in about a week. An additional bonus of choosing a Prodir printed pen is that some vendors offer the option of shipping in a custom printed gift box as well. That saves you the time and effort of boxing your printed pen for shipment or inclusion in a promotional package. The customized boxes are about ?.45 more per piece.

Make Unique Your Niche
You can make a big impact with printed pens as your main promotional gifts or items without spending a fortune. Choose from the hundreds of unique novelty printed pens to find a reasonably priced pen that will help recipients remember you.

Styb manufactures and makes available for printing a number of unique pens. Their vision message pens can be printed in a single imprint color from ?.45 each. You choose four separate messages to appear in a rotating window. As the user turns the clear window, they can cycle through all four messages.


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