some jewelry that you love


some jewelry that you love

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Have you ever seen those stylish women that seem to have an accessory to go with every outfit? Their accessory collection seems to never end.thomas sabo bracelets , And these accessories seem to turn a perfectly plain outfit into an eye-catching, high-fashion look.christian louboutin , Some times a person doesn't know where to start when it comes to buiding a jewelry wow gold , The first step is to determine your individual style.moncler ,
Determine your Accessory Style
When choosing the jewelry material type, there are few things to consider. Are you au naturale or a city girl? Are you more into small stones or huge rocks? Building your Jewelry collection means buying pieces that suit you. If you tend to wear neutral colors, you may be better off choosing earthy jewelry. There are plenty of choices out there. You can find leather jewelry, shell jewelry, amber jewelry, even hemp jewelry made in very fashionable styles. If you are a city girl and you wear lots of dramatic, flashy colors, then there is a different sort of jewelry to fit your taste. You may want to pick sterling silver unique bangles, or even silver rings with large, unique designs. You may choose gold pieces if it matches your skin tone better. (Both Gold and Silver are completely in right now, Isn't it Fabulous?)

When choosing the types of pieces, you may want to take into account your personality even more. Let's think about choosing a style of bracelet, for example. If you are flirty, try a charm bracelet or a bunch of bangles. This reflects the movement of your personality and a certain fun, flirtiness aspect of you. If you are more serious, you may want to try some strong pieces like a silver cuff bracelet. Or if again, you have a earthy aura, then you may want to try a stretch bracelet with amber stones. Beautiful! And a reflection of your natural persona. If you are very trendy and daring, combine many different styles: slilver bangles with stretch bead bracelets. This is a great new trend that allows you to put together different styles with fearless fashion audacity.

Where to Buy Unique Jewelry
There are a few places that fashion divas have found to build a unique jewelry collection. These may be unknown to many. But here in this article we are going to let you in on a few of the secret spots to find unique jewelry finds.

1. Shops & Boutiques: A great place to look for unique jewelry is at shops and boutiques in historical areas of small towns or specific cities. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry was a ring that I found in historical, downtown Chatanooga. I have no idea if the store is even still there, but I can guarantee one thing: No one else on the planet has this ring. It's such a beautiful combination of jade, turquoise, and L***A! It sets off many different outfits that would otherwise be very plain and ordinary, and I always get compliments on it.

2. Vacation: While on vacation, look not only in the shops and boutiques, but little booths on the beach. Sometimes even people on the beach are there just to make and sell unique, one of a kind creations. Or maybe they have made jewelry made from shells. On the east coast, I found a great pendant made with pearl. It was a deal on this side of the coast. When I got home to the midwest, I can promise you, no one else had this adornment.

3. Flea Markets: Oh yes! There is a great flea market in Louisville, Kentucky for the State Fair. I have found many great peices at events like this. So, if you see a flea market while you are traveling or if there is one near you, go check it out! You will definitely find some jewelry that you love.

4. Online: There are many online jewelry stores that have a selection of unique jewelry pieces. Because there are so many different online jewelry sites, you end up with a very unique jewelry collection even if you buy jewelry online. There are also sites that sell handmade jewelry .

Whatever you do, please please don't go to those mall shops with jewelry that falls apart in less than a week. It is always the opposite of unique and over time you end up spending more.


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